miercuri, 21 decembrie 2011

Get it while it's hot!

 Come one come all! Furniture for free!

We need the apartment empty so we called everyone to come and see if they need some piece of furniture, towels, linen, rugs or any other detachable part they could get their hands on.
Here's what happened:

 I've started taking out books and choosing the ones I want to keep.

All the furniture from this room has been "sold".

 Already know who the oven and the kitchen furniture go to! Ole!

My mother-in-law  looking to see the fir-tree outside our living.
This was the moment we had decided we were going to take out the books from the shelves. 7:30 PM.

Still 7:30 PM

9:30 PM

Still 9:30 PM just another angle of view.


11:45 PM Ole! Great way to end a day. Left some for tomorrow. 

This is what had been going on in the living. 

Meanwhile... in the bedroom:


 True Rembrandt! I'm thinking of auctioning this masterpiece!
Our beloved architect ran out of paper so he started drawing on the walls!

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