luni, 12 decembrie 2011

What we liked at Delta Design

We spent all the weekend looking for things for the apartment.
We went to Delta Design.

I found here a lot of ideas for wall mosaic:

I think thees mosaics can help the design of a room.  Good to know the types and where they can be bought from.

As for the bathroom part.. here is one ideea: bathroom from Esprit

This could be an interesting design for a small bathroom. It's what I liked most from what I have seen in the showroom.

Overall my impression is that you can find some very nice things here but I believe they are very expensive.
Choose to have your bathroom and kitchen done by them and you will probably have to pay at least  20 000 euros.
If I would have that money I would surely choose them but... unfortunately I don't.
An idea is to choose a sink, toilet, bath or wall tiles from their "outlet". They do have some good discounts.

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