joi, 8 decembrie 2011

Searching for workers and ideeas

Last night we went to a friend's house to see what changes were made to the bathrooms and the rooms by a certain Mr X - good for all man. This guy is supposed to have done all the work in the house: electrics, plumbing, wall and floor tiles, puts on washable paint on the walls. Now we are waiting for him to give us a price on the work he has to do in our apartment.
So much for the manpower.

I have been looking thees days for ideas for the kitchen and for the bathroom.
Here's a good site to look for kitchen designs:

Ah, before any work is done let me give you the drawing for the apartment. I think it's a good idea to know what we are dealing with here. 

So the kitchen has only 6.61 sq m.
Not easy to find ideas for this. There will be a later post on kitchen design.

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