miercuri, 21 decembrie 2011

Get it while it's hot!

 Come one come all! Furniture for free!

We need the apartment empty so we called everyone to come and see if they need some piece of furniture, towels, linen, rugs or any other detachable part they could get their hands on.
Here's what happened:

 I've started taking out books and choosing the ones I want to keep.

All the furniture from this room has been "sold".

 Already know who the oven and the kitchen furniture go to! Ole!

My mother-in-law  looking to see the fir-tree outside our living.
This was the moment we had decided we were going to take out the books from the shelves. 7:30 PM.

Still 7:30 PM

9:30 PM

Still 9:30 PM just another angle of view.


11:45 PM Ole! Great way to end a day. Left some for tomorrow. 

This is what had been going on in the living. 

Meanwhile... in the bedroom:


 True Rembrandt! I'm thinking of auctioning this masterpiece!
Our beloved architect ran out of paper so he started drawing on the walls!

luni, 12 decembrie 2011

What we liked at Delta Design

We spent all the weekend looking for things for the apartment.
We went to Delta Design.

I found here a lot of ideas for wall mosaic:

I think thees mosaics can help the design of a room.  Good to know the types and where they can be bought from.

As for the bathroom part.. here is one ideea: bathroom from Esprit

This could be an interesting design for a small bathroom. It's what I liked most from what I have seen in the showroom.

Overall my impression is that you can find some very nice things here but I believe they are very expensive.
Choose to have your bathroom and kitchen done by them and you will probably have to pay at least  20 000 euros.
If I would have that money I would surely choose them but... unfortunately I don't.
An idea is to choose a sink, toilet, bath or wall tiles from their "outlet". They do have some good discounts.

joi, 8 decembrie 2011

Searching for workers and ideeas

Last night we went to a friend's house to see what changes were made to the bathrooms and the rooms by a certain Mr X - good for all man. This guy is supposed to have done all the work in the house: electrics, plumbing, wall and floor tiles, puts on washable paint on the walls. Now we are waiting for him to give us a price on the work he has to do in our apartment.
So much for the manpower.

I have been looking thees days for ideas for the kitchen and for the bathroom.
Here's a good site to look for kitchen designs:


Ah, before any work is done let me give you the drawing for the apartment. I think it's a good idea to know what we are dealing with here. 

So the kitchen has only 6.61 sq m.
Not easy to find ideas for this. There will be a later post on kitchen design.

The "Before" photos

Here are the photos with the apartment at the moment we bought it.

Day 1

Signed, sealed and delivered!

We have finally bought our own apartment. Three rooms for me, my husband and my little girl. Should be enough for now. It has only 60 sq m.
We have to change absolutely everything in this apartment starting from the entrance door and finishing with the water faucet.
This is why I thought of making a blog. It will help me remember all the ups and downs of the renovations and possibly help others skip over the "downs".